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Ooroyt! Bostin News for everyone from Brumijum?

A retired paramedic whose family moved to Birmingham in 1767 has been chosen as the voice of the city. Alan Dugmore, 65 will feature in a new mobile phone App which helps people understand the Brummie dialect.

Alan who lives in Quinton was chosen after a series of test recordings and interviews. He has lived in Birmingham since he was born and has traced his roots back to 1746 in Abbots Bromley in Staffordshire before his family moved to Birmingham in 1767.

The App, developed by a Manchester based IT company, follows on from a similar one which translates from Wiganese. The latest version, iBrummie, will allow users to play phrases in Brummie and translate them into the Queen's English. The App will also translate common phrases into Brummie. It will be availble for download shortly. Keep checking the site for updates or fill in your details below to get an email when it's ready...

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iWiganese iPhone Application
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